The Adventure Dispatch

Back in the fall of 2014 I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime, to join the Specialized Adventure Dispatch Team, do what I love with those I love, and share my stories along the way. The last two years have been some of the most memorable, meaningful, and educational years of my life. This year, Specialized sent the camera crews out for Tom and I's version of an overnight camp-out. Me being me, I set out to find a place in Northern California I had not been. I wanted it to be some-what of a close drive to our place in Petaluma, and I had to avoid the snow since this whole thing would be happening in early March. I had heard whispers of the Lost Coast of California and quickly learned that the infamous hiking trail could easily be paralleled with some dirt roads in the King Range. After plotting the route in Ride With GPS and landing on a 75 mile ride with 11,500 ft of climbing I knew this was not going to be an easy, but hey, the pictures would be great, right? The closer we got to our date, the worse the weather forecast became. These cameramen were on a tight schedule, it had to happen, it was going to happen, even if we had to ride through a torrential rain, wind, and hypothermia in one of the wettest climates of California. 

And that's just what we did... 

In retrospect I was a little over ambitious with this route especially since there was a camera crew following us around. Works of art take time, lots of it! If I ever find myself being followed by a camera crew again, I will heed the advice from my fellow Adventure Dispatcher Teammate, Benedict Wheeler, AKA @Ultraromance and only go on a 4-mile ride, maybe even ride in the support van a bit ;)

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